Slurry Pumps

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Slurry pumps are used to transfer thick, corrosive and abrasive materials as well as some chemicals and solid materials. Typically a submersible, centrifugal, lobe or peristaltic style of pump, the slurry pump is commonly made of iron that’s thick and durable to ensure that even the harshest of materials won’t cause it any damage.

At Allflo Pumps & Equipment, we pride ourselves on manufacturing a quality range of slurry pumps for a wide variety of applications, including mining (gold, silver, iron ore, coal, titanium, copper and more), dewatering, tailings and quarries, among many others. Other industries that might use slurry pumps in their daily operations include electric, water and sewerage utilities, agriculture, and building areas.

Common Features

Our slurry pumps come loaded with features to benefit your daily operations. We have a selection of rubber and metal lined pumps available to suit your particular needs. These come with split casing for easier maintenance and moulded impellers for more durable wear resistance. Liners are also available for enhanced chemical resistance.

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With their widespread use across a large variety of industries and applications, slurry pumps are always in demand. For more information on any of our pumps, give Allflo Pumps & Equipment a call on 1800 333 424, or simply fill out an online enquiry form for a prompt reply.

  • Rubber and metal lined pumps available
  • Split casing for easy maintenance
  • Moulded impeller for stronger wear resistance
  • Liners available for greater chemical resistance
  • Tailings
  • Mining
  • Quarry’s
  • Dewatering