Filter Vessels and Filter Bags

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At Allflo Pumps & Equipment, we proudly manufacture high-quality filter vessels and filter bags that are used in closed filtration systems. These components are vital during the process of removing impurities from liquids, especially those that are intended for human consumption. They’re also useful for filtration applications involving industrial manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

Product Features

Our filter vessels and filter bags are finished in polished or bead blasted stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and reliability as well as longevity. They also feature an eye bolt locking system for user-friendly bag changes without the use of tools. Bags can be changed rapidly with minimal downtime, increasing productivity and decreasing running costs. Poly vessels are also available.

Filter vessels and filter bags are useful for various applications, including the filtration of fresh milk and cheese as well as other related dairy products. They are also suitable for juices, edible oils, paints and lacquer, and pre and final filtration.

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  • Finished in polished or bead blasted stainless steel
  • Eye bolt locking system for user friendly bag changes
  • Rapid bag changes with no tools needed
  • Minimal downtime to increase productivity and decrease running costs
  • Poly vessels available
  • Fresh milk
  • Cheese and related products
  • Pre and final filtration
  • Juices
  • Edible oils
  • Paint and lacquer