Drum Pumps

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Drum pumps are highly useful tools for transferring chemicals and liquids of varying viscosity in a safe and efficient manner. Suitable for acids and solvents, drum pumps can be filled or emptied without causing spills or splashes that may be hazardous to health. At Allflo Pumps & Equipment, we’re proud to manufacture high-quality drum pumps to suit a wide range of industries.

Features & Applications

Our drum pumps are available in a range of constructions and materials for you to choose from as well as various models and pump tube lengths to satisfy your requirements. Additionally, our drum pumps are designed for ease-of-use, helping to minimise operator fatigue. Depending on your preferences, they can be electric air, flame proof or battery operated.

Our drum pumps are useful for various applications, including safe chemical transfer and petrochemicals as well as viscous food products and paint and ink transfer.

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  • Electric air, flame proof or battery operated
  • Range of constructions and materials
  • No operator fatigue
  • Safe chemical transfer
  • Petrochemical
  • Paint and ink transfer
  • Viscous food products