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Aerators are designed to circulate air through another substance. They are used primarily for wastewater treatment and for aerating water in ponds and aquafarms but can be used anywhere water lacks oxygen, often referred to as being in "anoxic condition".  At Allflo Pumps & Equipment, we manufacture and supply the very best aerators you can find.

Aerator Features

Our aerators boast a number of excellent features, including submersible slow rotation and low energy consumption that improves efficiency and reduces energy expenses. They are also guide rail mounted and cantilevered. In addition, our aerators are constructed using the highest quality materials, guaranteeing durability and reliability for years to come.

Our aerators are suitable for various applications, including tank aeration and fish farms as well as wastewater lagoons and pollution. They are also useful for the general introduction of oxygen to certain substances and environments.

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Allflo Pumps & Equipment has developed a reputation for providing aerators that don’t compromise on quality. To learn more or to request product specifications, call us on 1800 333 424 or send us a message via our online enquiry form to receive a prompt response.

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  • Guide Rail Mounted
  • Cantilevered
  • Submersible slow rotation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Tank aeration
  • Waste water lagoons
  • Fish farms
  • Pollution Control
  • Edible oils
  • Introducing Oxygen