The originator of the electrical submersible pumps.

Founded in Sweden in 1901, Flygt brand was the originator of the electrical submersible pump. Today the company provides customers with a complete range of products and solutions for moving water and wastewater. The company design and manufacture both dry and submersible pumps and mixers along with advanced monitoring and control equipment for application in municipal water, wastewater systems and industries including mining, construction, agriculture and aquaculture.

Flygt is the world’s premier manufacturing of submersible pumps, mixers and mechanical aeration equipment for use in markets ranging from water and wastewater treatment, raw water supply, abrasive or contaminated industrial processes, mining and irrigation. Allflo Pumps and Equipment are proud distributers of Flygt who offer reliable, high-quality, clog-free pumps and mixers providing the right solution to meet industry specific needs.

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