Pump Hire Service

Want to save cost for the upcoming months? Allflo has the perfect solution for you!

Small pumps, large pumps, heavy pumps, you no longer have to be worried. At Allflo, we now offer you pumps for hire to help you save both cost and time. Our expertise in this industry over the past 70 years has enabled us to offer a well-equipped and trusted pump hiring services.


Creating solutions for heavy industrial pumping requirements

  • Save a huge amount of cost from purchasing pumps
  • Enable you to have better control of your financial flows
  • Quick and easy pump hiring without hurting your budget
  • You are exposed to the latest equipment and technology at all time
  • Easy and online payment methods available
  • Equipment upgrading available during the rental period

Pump Equipment

Types of pumps available for hiring include:
  • Silenced Dewatering Pumps – Fully silenced and useful for any dewatering project requirements
  • Standpipe Pumps – Ideal for dust suppression on construction sites from mines and quarries to road building
  • Submersible Pumps – Typically used for de-watering slurry and sludge, sand dredging, transferring industrial waste and grey water, chemicals, sewerage and solids such as food products
  • Hoses and Fittings Pumps – Used for suction and discharge applications
  • Trailer Mounted Pumps – Perfect for almost any project including construction, mining and sewer bypass
  • Opened Dewatering Pumps – Used as a solution to remove water that has infiltrated an excavation through rain, subsurface boil, failed services and spills
*Some models available in different sizes

hire pump


pump for hire

Delivery Instructions

Delivery details vary between different types of pumps. Check specific pumps for more details.

Other services

With Allflo, we ensure that our pumps are of the highest quality and performance. In times of unexpected experience or pump failures, we promise that the situation would be managed with care and equipment would be repaired or replaced to avoid any disruptions to performance.


Pump Set Equipment for Hire

pump for hire set 1
pump for hire set 2
pump for hire set 3


Don’t feel intimidated by the cost of a pump, there are affordable options available!
For more information on Allflo equipment hiring services, contact us on phone 1800 333 424 or through email sales@allflo.com.au