• How pumps are used at Quarries

    Quarrying allows us to uncover and use the very foundations of what our society is built upon: stone, slate, construction sand, gravel, quarry rock and other raw construction materials. However, quarries are difficult, sometimes dangerous, places to work. Safely removing water and moving chemi...

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  • Support for Mining and Quarries from Victorian Government

    The Andrews Labor Government has announced a new plan to strengthen Victoria’s quarry sector, to ensure a steady supply of materials to the building industry and support the state’s infrastructure boom.

    "The $15.7 million strategy will help ensure the high-quality quarry ma...

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  • Why it is essential to upgrade your fire safety pump

    Fires can be terrifying, spiral out of control very quickly, and in the moment, people respond differently. Stress and panic are common reactions to a fire, but when you add smoke inhalation and a reduced ability to see into the situation, it can be very dangerous indeed.

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  • How Can Councils Minimise the Effects of Floods?

    Whether it is a small rain, a raging storm, or a freak weather change that results in a flood, it is important that everyone in the area is ready. In the case that the area has to be evacuated, that residents should have their personal emergency plan ready, and stay calm in this situation.

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  • The right pump in a flood situation

    Allflo Pumps and Equipment understands that many people have been affected by the recent heavy rainfall which has caused floods in the Northern Queensland area.

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  • Stop letting dust suppression slow down the work site!

    Productivity on worksites is not always high, and sometimes this is unavoidable. But unproductive labour has a negative effect on the bottom line, and should be avoided when possible. One such process which causes a lag in labour is the filling of trucks that are then used to spray and settle ...

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  • How to Improve Efficiency in Food Production

    The production of frozen foods involves many different assets and types of machinery to get to the final product that consumers find in supermarkets. There are many liquids that are used in the production of these meals, that are integral to the meal, or as a side, which are currently being pu...

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  • Be ready for your next caravan park client

    Though it may not be something that’s always on your mind, every caravan park in the country needs to have a fire safety system in place, in case of a fire emergency. There are, of course, safety standards which must be met at all Australian parks, and the Country Fire Authority are curr...

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  • How to improve efficiency in your paint factory

    If you work in the paint industry, you’ll know that energy consumption is high - very high. This is largely due to the safety issues that come with using electricity around flammable materials, which is unavoidable in paint factories. This means that in order to reduce safety risks, pain...

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    Allflo was recently approached by a large plumbing contractor to provide a solution for supplying water to various parts of a livestock exchange and then provide a system to remove the waste water from the facility. Allflo were happy to take on the challenge and be a part of the project where ...

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