Industrial and Manufacturing

The day to day operations of industrial and manufacturing pumps are extremely demanding. It is no surprise then, that all stakeholders in industry and manufacturing focus on performance, reliability, energy efficiency, safety, ease of maintenance, and the lowest possible ownership costs over time.

At Allflo we’re passionate about ensuring things are right for all our customers, and our team of pump specialists work collaboratively to solve the most challenging industrial applications. We draw upon our customers’ experiences with our products over the past 70 years, and aim to consistently improve our product offerings and customer service.

Food and Beverage

Allflo provides a full range of pumping solutions to suit the processes involved in the food and beverage market. These are used when processing and handling many types of foods and drinks that we consume daily. There is a vast quantity of pump types used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Around the country, we are trusted to keep production lines running efficiently, and to provide our customers with long term cost savings.

Are you looking to upgrade your pumps, or improve energy efficiency? Our pump specialists are available to provide their expert advice on all our products and their applications. Contact the team at Allflo today to receive the advice you need.

Paint and Chemical

Both chemical and paint products can at times be quite hazardous, so a quality pump is needed in the transfer of these flammable and toxic liquids.

Allflo offers many types of pumps to perform this function, depending on the needs of the project. Contact the team at Allflo today for more information on safe, efficient and cost effective pump solutions.

Environmental and Waste Water

With over 70 years of industry experience, the team at Allflo pride ourselves in having an extensive knowledge of pumping. We specialise in manufacturing pumps for the wastewater and environmental industries, and are able to provide our customers with a tailored solution for any pumping application.


Allflo manufacture pumps and pump systems for clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Our highly efficient and cost effective pumps are specially tailored to suit these tasks, as safe and hygienic solutions are critical in such an important process.